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+ I'm an 3D Compositor working on films, but for fun I draw cartoons, random fanart, write fanfiction crapola, and post it here.
Anything here is for shits and giggles unless I say otherwise in the descriptions.

+ I'm aiming to be a Children's Book Illustrator or a Writer someday.
+ Dinosaurs unf
+ Seafood mmm
+ Digimon.
+ Pokémon.

Tumblr- My sketchbook and concept blog
You can find my general word pun cartoon series here: Wordpress


  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: 90s songs...backstreet's back baby.
  • Reading: pokemon special manga
  • Drinking: Water...lots of water
Time for another update. This time, question and answers style!

Why do you not update very often?

To simply put it: Life happens and priorities. People I care about come first, and those who need support.

What happened to you over the past few years?

I had graduated Spring 2013 and took another year for repeat, finishing off finally in Spring 2014 making it four years in total of animation school (mind you my last year wasn't animation related since I specialized in Lighting and Compositing) So therefore school had to be finished, plus working part time job.
And now, ironically enough, since getting a full time job last fall 2014, it's even more challenging than before. Last summer was a nightmare and a half with personal things that I would rather not get into.
But with this job I have now, we are working 5 days a week, 6 days if overtime, anywhere between 8 to 12 hours a day. Right now we are on 9 hours a day 5 days a week, and if you add on travel time, there's almost 3 hours as well taken up per day.
So really time management and prioritizing things was a key for surviving, and trying to do my own stuff on weekends (plus I was still working part time for the first two months of my new job on weekends).
It's slowly getting there, and I learned patience and gratitude for things that are under appreciated these days.
But to be fair, I get alot of headaches and grow fatigue (not as much as when I started) and adjusting to this schedule was not easy. Not eating right, sleep schedule weird, etc. But somehow I am managing much better even with commuting. (I do need to figure out a good diet though)
I try not be stressed out, but if I am, I don't like showing it. I do some yoga and excersise to help, and for some reason chocolate always makes me feel better.

Are you on any social media/blogs?

Twitter: No.
LinkedIn: I have an account but don't use it and didn't need it. Very over rated website. So don't bother looking for me.
Facebook: Only for family and friends, and to post random pictures of birds, chipmunks and snow.
Tumblr: I used to have a blogging/random crap account, but I haven't touched it in over a year and I frankly don't have time for it. I did also have at least two drawing/art blogs I used to post on during school, but those days are done and I'll probably never touch it again.
Wordpress: I have a cartoon blog! Check it out!  (you can subscribe by email and don't have to sign up to see stuff)

That's it.

Are you still doing fanart?

Yes, but it's slow. I'm actually going to do a complete overhaul of ALL my characters for ALL series like I mentioned in my last journal. And now I have a week vacation I'll be sitting down and organizing things. I'll put up another entry with changes, things coming up, planned stuff by the end of this week.
I'm also cleaning up my gallery and putting a lot in scraps. I figured, I may as well start fresh again. I might actually do some "draw this again" things and see how much I've improved over the course of a couple years.

How often do you draw?

Depends on my mood, and my schedule. I try to draw at work during breaks as much as I can, but it's not any of my own stories or fanart related, it's mostly just animals or people drawing for practice purposes. I'll doodle on the train to and from work sometimes. But mostly the weekends now are my art days, and I want to focus on my cartoons as well. I used to be able to draw once a day, and I'm trying to do that again even with a busy schedule.
Like I said, juggling things is fun.

Are you going to do those Cartoon Series of your OCs again?

I might. Last year and this year it was put on hold. But thanks to drawing my regular cartoons (on my wordpress) my style has improved, and I'm much more confident with it. I might start it again in 2016 and do it monthly base.

Where do you work and live?

Sorry but I'm not answering that.
I can say that I am a 3D Stereo Compositor, working on feature films in the 3D process stage of post production.

What films have you worked on??

Er, well, I can't say them until they are released, sorry, due to privacy and contract reasons. But I'll mention them in the future!
I did get to work on Insurgent, and got a little bit for one of the Ant Man trailers.

There we go, life in a nutshell.

I don't speak often and kind of private myself, but it's only fair considering how patient you guys are, to update this. I don't even update my Facebook. I only tell people things if they ask, and even then it's subtle answers.
I understand that some of you are busy and going through things as well, as it is tough times out there. I hope everything turns out well for the best for all my friends, family, and my watchers.

Stay tuned for some stuff.

I'll get to replying to comments soon once I update with my art to come/changes list.

  • Listening to: michael jackson
  • Watching: star trek everything~
  • Drinking: Water...lots of water
Well...not yet. Been hiding for a while and been busy with new job, so I haven't really had a chance to to do anything of my own lately. I have not abandoned this site again, it was just last on my to do list. Lots of things changed over the past year and lots to catch up with, but for now, I just leave this here.

Things coming up:

- Updating digimon OCs
- Character sheets for ALL characters... luckily its only the digimon ocs that need a bio update
- digimon fanart
- possible monthly cartoons starting in the summer again.
- planning and writing digimon fanfic of my own I've had for years.

- portraits and/or scene studies of films I recently watch and study on. And POSSIBLE analysis, not reviews.

- I also have a cartoon blog you can find here: Wordpress that I've been posting on. Check it out! Not fanart related, but just stupid silly things in my head.

What have I been doing, you ask?
Unfortunately I can't completely answer that. All I can say, is that I work on films, converting them into 3D. Nothing special. Just lots of hours and work to do.
I have been drawing in whatever spare time I may get. Anything, not just ocs. I just haven't posted anything here..because of obvious reasons.
Also lots of yoga and work out when I can in mornings and evenings.

And with that... look out for stuff soon! Hope my watchers been well, whoever is left anyway. Cheers! :wave:

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