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+ I'm an 3D Compositor working on films, but for fun I draw cartoons, random fanart, write fanfiction crapola, and post it here.

+ I'm aiming to be a Children's Book Illustrator or a Writer someday.
+ Dinosaurs unf
+ Seafood mmm
+ Digimon.
+ Pokémon.

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So, as I promised in my last journal, I've been wanting to do a General Journal Update sort to speak on changes or updates being made to my fanart and fan characters. I'll be writing up other journal/deviant entries and saving them in a list for people to look at, that have to do with my individual projects with whatever series it belongs to (ie a digimon timeline for my characters or bio forms or writing challenge or whatever)

This is my Digimon update journal, dated Spring 2016.
For Pokemon, it hasn't been posted yet.

This is the major change, as Neko-Hanyou-Sakura and I had to rework our "Adventure 03" ish story due to Digimon Tri, a sequel recently announced, being released Nov. 2015... and our story was supposed to follow a couple years after 02. Well, now, it follows after Tri, and anything we do will have to be speculated until Tri confirms a lot of things and finishes. And that will determine the fate on some of our ideas, and sometimes even our story, but I will say that anything that interupts our plot in any way we will just work around it.
We actually had this story ever since we started an RP back in college days ... 2011? 2010?  This RP basically followed the canons in helping our four ocs with four crests repesenting the seven virtues, plus three other canons bearing the other three virtues left, deal with their counterpart Seven Deadly Sins (check these guys out), and later, the Digimon Gods which threaten every digital world and dimension that exists. Our OCs were part of the Original Digidestined that happened in Pre Adventure 01 that had defeated the previous dark digimon that threatened the world before the Dark Masters arrived.
In our present story:
We still are sticking with the Seven Sins/Virtues Arc(s), which has a lot of changes, and anything to do with plot holes in 01/02 we originally covered and filled in, or anything about the Darkness, Dark Spores, Ken/Ryo's history and game backstory, the Dark Ocean, etc etc might have to be tweaked depending on what they are doing in Tri but for the most part we are integrating it into our story due to the fact that Milleniummon is the main "villain". And based on the trailers, it looks like a Royal Knight is going to be a key role to this series, and that Knight happened to play a key role in ours as well as the other Knights. So we will see what happens. Those details we'll just play it by ear.
But for now, we are sticking with what we have come up with. I'm only putting basic details and information about these characters of my own, and basic story details in relation to them in this journal entry. For actual character bios, pictures, timelines, other information, those things are being processed and will be up soon enough.
For future reference, I jokingly refer this story of ours to be "Adventure 3.5" since it now follows a couple years after Tri. But if people want to call it that as well, then okay!

NEW! You can find out information and join our group here: Check it out!

Now to my characters and updates.
Lyn -
 This is the old character sheet I have for her for our "old" version of our story.…
This will be updated with just a full shot of her with a biography and character details, and then another one of her and Gaomon full shot explaining their roles in the story and their relationship together. I was planning on doing chatracters sheets again in this format, but due to time constraints, it'll only be a full shot, sorry.
I have more stuff for Lyn coming up, mostly with Gaomon and a few other characters, including new ones I added in to help her backstory and reasoning for her growing darkness.
I have a Writing Challenge that takes place from her childhood all the way through up to our story, so it'll be a lengthy challenge.
Quick backstory for those who do not know her:
Lyn, along with four others, were the Original Digidestined that were set off in the Digital World to defeat a "great evil" before the Adventure 01 took place. Our current story does not take place during then, however will be mentioned/flashback to throughout.
Lyn, hailing from China, holds one of the seven Virtue/Sin crests, Temperance/Gluttony. She is partnered with Gaomon, and is rivals with Beezlemon, the Digimon representing Gluttony. Her role is much darker in our new version, and a lot more things happen to her and she perhaps gets much more than what she wished for. Unfortunately she has more of a tragic ending, and perhaps my darkest character I've created to date.
Also she is no longer paired with Davis/Daisuke Motomiya and instead paired with another OC of mine I added in our new story that will have a keyer role later.
More details to come.

Amalia & *new!* Alice -
This is the old character sheet I had for our old version.…
It'll be updated as well in time.
I also have a Writing Challenge for her as well, but for her, it'll be a little different and her childhood years will be in her sister's point of view, until a certain point. The reason I am doing this is because Amalia is not one of the Originals, and instead, it was her "sister" rather, friend, from England she had a few years with in the Adoption House that they stayed at until they were both adopted by a rich middle aged couple.
Please note, that by any means I do NOT mean to offend anyone or the adoption system. I have a rough idea about how it works and will research upon it, but, considering most of their childhood happens in the 90s, some things I might have to make up, and again, sorry to those who are touchy with the subject. I'll only briefly touch upon it when necessary. After all, it's a Digimon story, not a family drama soap opera. (though it might as well be .__.)
Amalia's sister, Alice, was one of the Original Digidestined that was sent to the Digital World prior to Adventure 01. She had the crest of Humility/Pride and partnered with Leormon. At the time, Lucemon was not "born" but he shows up later as Amalia's rival when Amalia takes Alice's place as a Digidestined during our post Tri story.
As of the start of our current story, Amalia and Leormon are partnered, and Alice has deceased from a rare heart illness found in children. Dealing with the struggles of becoming a teenager (and well puberty) and finding a place to fit in in Japan, Alice's death, the misunderstandings and rules between her and her adoptive (strict) parents,  and plus the responsibilities of a Digidestined, along with confusion as to who she should listen to and to look up to, Amalia takes a lot on her plate, carving into a strong willed, kind hearted and selfless young lady during the story.

Koten, Tor, Stubby, Zane, various randoms -
These characters are a  new addition to our updated story, and were not in our old version nor part of Lyn's story or arc at all. They were added for Lyn's story to help "aid" her growing darkness or virtues of her crests, and each member of her group plays a different role even if they all act somewhat the same, as in, they all try to act "cool", show offs, and just plain old jerks.
They each eventually get a digimon partner, but due to their reckless behavioural issues, individual family or social issues, and problems they have with the digimon and digidestined in general, they don't "prove themselves" worthy enough until the Digital World gives them digivices later for their help they give once they become better people and want to change.
These guys are secondary character's that often pick on, tease, or flirt with the canons, and are comical reliefs at some points due to their idiocy and incompetence, mostly for the high school group, so being TK, Kari, and same - age characters.
Once they get involved in the Digimon stuff by mistake, or through Lyn's main Arc, they realise they must set aside their differences and misbahviour to help her along with some of the others out, often caught in battles or in random acts.
Again, they were meant to be as a "ha-harr" group, but I actually have developed them in my head and I'm liking the outcome of these guys, especially in comes terms with Lyn. Can't wait to share them, I think they'll turn out to be decent characters with all different back stories, and unique.
More details to come, but they each willhave character sheets and full shots now, yay!

Other Digimon news?
Well, I've had a off and on fanfic I've been planning, or thinking about it from time to time but nothing has been set in stone as of yet. This guy has been developed ever since I was in charge of an old RP that me and some online friends were doing back when I was in 8th grade. Of course, things will be majorly changed now and characters will only take reference of theirs, but again, details of this is not till later when I get my other stuff straightened out. I do have some timelines written, character stuff drawn, but it's all in the planning stages.
PLus if I ever find time to work on it that'll be wonderful.

That's all I can think of right now to do with my characters. Again, check out our group we have now for our story to see other characters, images, writings, etcetc as they get uploaded. We just started it not too long ago so we haven't gotten a whole lot on it right now.

More stuff to come, and I apoligize for the slowness D:

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Cheers! :wave:

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